The Project


Using the most advanced technology we have developed this project which counts on three stages:
NFT Collection
Multiplayer Platform
Point Token
We will detail the most importat subject of the project, please take a sit and enjoy it.

The NFT Collection


The Anybet NFT collection consists of 3,300 carefully created pieces of digital art using Artificial Intellegence. Each collectible is unique and will live forever on the Polygon Blockchain.

The collection was created from an ERC1155 smart contract, which offers capability and security regarding the Arts, to be sold, primarily, in OpenSea Marketplace. Inspired by the metaverse and based on Artificial Intelligence, each piece of art will be unique.

By acquiring an Anybet NFT, the owner can participate in the Anybet Pool and live arena tournaments, and the winners will be awarded with Matic tokens and/or NFT, previously established in each tournament’s conditions and rules.

The total teams will be 100, with 11 players, with 3 poses each one, for a 3300 NFT´s in the whole collection.

Every NFT has its own history and description, which made a unique piece of art.

The Multiplayer Platform


This project includes the creation of a third-person multiplayer game available on our website to those who get our NFTs. Our character, created and sold as NFT, will be in the game. Currently, we have the bases of the game, and we intend to start testing in the first quarter of 2023.


Point Token


Knowing the need to transform users’ game skills and knowledge in pools, in earnings, we will launch a native coin available to participate in our pools, game, or just to buy our NFT.

For the award of online competitions we have created a Polygon Blockchain token:

Point Token (POINT)

This token is based on the Polygon Blockchain


Everything begins with a dream. Following it, We plan and start writing on paper our ideas, and developed this roadmap. I hope that the changes that are made to the roadmap won’t be relevant with what we initially thought

The Multiplayer Platform

We are developing a multiplayer game using the most newness technology as  Blender, Unreal, and other software based on Artificial Intelligence

How about the game

To start, there are four (4) teams named:
Albatros, Amazon Warriors, Gladiators and Jules.
Each team will have eleven (11) players, with three (3) torse poses of each one, with the following attributes (game perks): Team, Stamina, Personality, Position, Weakness, Expertise.

Another aspects of the project

The Anybet NFT Collection is an NFT launched on the Polygon Blockchain

  • ERC1155 contract on Polygon   0xa95ff029194d99dcfb87403242c189735fed903f
  • Metamask

Through the Polygonscan website, each NFT will be minted, using a unique wallet as The Creator and a unique wallet as the seller. The Creator is in charge to watch the collection and establish its conditions, and The Seller will be in charge to sell each NFT in OpenSea.

For the multiplayer game, we are using Blender, Unreal, and other Artificial Intelligence software.

Our native token will be launched on the Polygon Blockchain.

 Pricing methodology:

We will establish the initial price of the NFT, and owners are available to resell as they want. After the first competition, the price would increment because we will offer to buy the NFT to the winner for a percentage of the total value of the NFT used by the owner to sign in the competition. Of course, the winner can retain the NFT to sell it in a secondary market or use it in the next competition.

The following minting will be offered considering the market value and a reasonable increment pricing, to protect our community, contestant, and NFT collectors.

Disclaimer: The Anybet Project is selling NFT art collectibles, sharing a multiplayer game, and offering native tokens. The Anybet Project is not in any way providing or offering financial advice, nor selling investments or securities. Additionally, The Anybet Project is NOT representing or guaranteeing your AnybetNFT or tokens will have any specific value. Any timetable or subject in this project could be changed without notice, and/or extended according to the interest of the project.